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Silk׳n SensEpil Hair Removal

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Hair Removal for Pubic Hair

There are many reasons why a man or a woman would want to trim or completely remove their pubic hair. For some, it’s about improving the attractiveness and access to the genital area. Still for others, it’s for hygienic purposes because extra hair down ‘there’ can cause itchiness and odors.

Pubic Depilation

Women who love styling all of their hairs often resort to one or more types of pubic or bikini waxing. Apart from the general pubic region, the upper part of the leg is also included in the waxing process because hair around this area tends to be longer and curlier than the finer hairs on the lower leg region.

Having a more attractive pubic region comes at a price. Apart from the actual cost of having your pubic region waxed by a competent cosmetologist, there’s also the pain to deal with. In addition, some people prefer doing it monthly because hair grows regularly even after efficient waxing.

Types of Pubic Waxing

There are many variations of the original waxing procedure. There’s American waxing where the wax is focused on the upper thighs and directly beneath the navel region. The French waxing on the other hand creates a signature vertical strip of hair known as the “landing strip” (you can also ask for a “partial Brazilian wax”; it’s the same thing). Brazilian waxing on the other hand is the removal of the entire swath of hair on the pubic area.

There are also some interesting sub-variants. For example, asking for a bikini line would only entitle you to a waxing of the straggling strands of hair on both sides of the pubic region. Asking for a full bikini on the other hand would only leave you with some hair on the Mons pubis.

Painless and Efficient Choice

Of course, there’s an even easier way to remove your pubic hair. Revitol Hair Removal Cream has been specifically designed to hydrate/moisturize your skin while it almost instantly removes your unwanted hairs. Revitol is the absolute best choice there is.

Alternatively, you can try Silk'n SensEpil. The Silk'n family of products are clinically proven, FDA cleared and physician recommended devices that use light energy for safe and easy hair removal at home.  The Silk'n family now introduces SensEpil (pronounced sense-appeal), the next generation of long-term hair removal results. The new SensEpil provides additional safety and comfort and with the largest treatment size in the home hair removal market, you can now start treating at home in less time!

Hair Removal for Pubic Area