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NO NO Hair Removal

The NO NO Hair Removal system consists of 3 parts: 1) the NO NO hand held device; 2) the NO NO polishing buffer pad; and 3) the NO NO smooth cream. The hand held device contains a thermodynamic wire that uses heat as the hair remover. The hair is painlessly burned away as the user glides the device over the area to have the hair removed. There are several different settings to ensure that the NONO hair removal device does exactly what the name says it does - no hair with no pain.

The NO NO polishing buffer pad removes crystallized hair and leaves skin feeling touchably soft and hair free. The user simply uses a clean buffer pad over the skin where the NO NO hair removal product was used with a firm, circular motion. Next, the NO NO smooth cream is applied liberally to the area where the hair was removed to leave the skin feeling moisturized, refreshed, hair free and also stubble free.

This 3 step system makes hair removal an easy, fast process that can be done in the privacy of the purchaser’s home. The NO NO Hair Removal system can be used on both men and women on nearly any area of the body including the face, arms, legs, back, bikini line and underarm areas. This hair removal system will allow the user to go for weeks without shaving while getting long lasting results. The hand held device comes with two ends so that you have the ideal tool regardless of what area of the body you are using it for.

How Does NO NO Hair Removal Work?

The NO NO Hair Removal system works by gliding the hand held device over hair in desired areas. The hair is painlessly burned away without any snagging, pulling or scraping of the skin. The hand held device has different temperature settings so that heat can be customized for each individual’s personal preferences. It also has an LED display on it so that the user knows if they are using it correctly. Green and red lights are used because of their familiarity to signal that the hair removal device is being used properly.

The thermodynamic wire of the NONO hair removal’s device does all of the work, safely sending a pulse of heat through the hair follicle. This innovative thermicon device is not light activated which enables this hair removal system to be effective on every color of hair and every complexion of skin. This is not an electric pulse so there is no need to worry about users who may have a pacemaker or similar device having any problems.

The NO NO hair removal polishing buffer pad gently exfoliates away crystallized hairs and removes dead skin cells leaving the skin’s surface smooth and hair free. This pad is powered by the user so there is no need to worry about the buffer pad hurting in any way. The pad should be rubbed against the skin in a circular motion after the hand held device is used. The pad is pushed firmly but not so much that it is uncomfortable in any way. The NO NO smooth cream simply moisturizes the renewed and hair free skin leaving behind skin that is silky smooth.

NO NO Hair Removal User Reviews

The NO NO Hair Removal system has generated tons of very positive user reviews. Users have reported absolutely loving how soft and smooth this hair remover leaves their skin feeling. Users feel more comfortable baring skin that they previously kept covered because of embarrassing hair problems. The main perk that users enjoyed is just how long lasting the effects of this hair removal system are. Purchasers have reported going for weeks without shaving and using the NONO Hair Removal system as seldom as once a month.

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Another common thread about the NO NO Hair Removal system is how pain free it is. One user reports: “I’ve started laser treatments on small areas and the number of treatments and the pain were just too much.” This same user reports that after two months of use, “I shave much less and my skin is noticeably softer because of this. I will definitely recommend to friends…” Even people who have previously tried laser hair removal and failed because of the pain find that the NO NO Hair Removal system is virtually pain free. That must be one of the reasons why reviewers have called it the “best beauty buy of the year.”

Read the honest customer reviews at Amazon - Click Here

NO NO Hair Removal Pros and Cons

The main pro of this hair removal system is, of course, that it works. Hair is effectively removed and the skin is left soft and hair free. Also on the plus side, users report that this system is very easy and safe to use in the home setting. The results are long lasting and the NO NO Hair Removal system has to be used less and less over time. When users first start to use this hair removal system, it must be used two or three times each week and sometimes shaving is still required afterwards. However, after two months, the hair removal system will show noticeable results and need to be used less frequently.

The main con of this system is that using the hand held device does result in an odor. The odor is the result of the hair being singed off and is also a sign that it is indeed working. Luckily, the odor is quite easy to eliminate with the use of aromatic candles or incense sticks during the use of the NONO Hair Removal system’s hand held device. Most users would rather have the smell of a little singed hair than to have to constantly deal with painful, costly and time consuming hair removal alternatives.

NO NO Hair Removal Price and Guarantee Information

The company behind the NO NO Hair Removal system offers a complete money back guarantee for 60 days. They stand behind their product by assuring that once people have tried and used the product for 45 days (to see noticeable results), they will want to continue using it. If a purchaser is unsatisfied with the hair removal seen by using this system as recommended after 45 days and before 60 days, the company will refund the full purchase price of the unit, the shipping and handling costs that were incurred with the purchase and even the shipping costs to send the unit back.

The NONO Hair Removal system comes complete with the NO NO 8800 (with a choice of 3 colors), a wide thermicon tip, a narrow thermicon tip, a large buffer, the NO NO smooth cream, a carrying case, cleaning brush, quick guide, user instructions on CD and a power supply. As a bonus, the purchaser also receives a $100 discount card for an online store that offers items not yet available to the general public. All of that comes with the 60 day money back guarantee and a 1 year warranty on the device.

Overall, the NO NO Hair Removal system can save users time, money, pain, inconvenience and the hassle that other hair removal solutions involve. Its simple 3 step system is easy for users to operate at home for a fraction of the cost while experiencing long lasting hair removal. The 60 day risk free trial period and one year warranty make this device even more palatable to potential buyers knowing that the company that makes it stands behind their product.


No No Hair Removal