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#1 At Home Hair Removal Cream 2013

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Silk׳n SensEpil Hair Removal

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Hair Removal for Men

Some men love it when they’re hairy; but apparently, many men don’t. In an age where smoothness and fairness are also considered good qualities in men, hair removal has also become an option for males. Just how does one remove all the unnecessary hair throughout the body?

Mechanical Depilation

One way of removing hairs throughout the body is through depilation. Depilation is a general term that simply means superficial hair removal. This can be done in a variety of ways. Throughout the decades, various outfits and companies have vied for the crown of the ultimate depilating tool. The humble shaver, which had experienced much change in design and pricing through the years, is often used.

Chemical Depilation & Epilation

There are also depilatory chemicals. Depilatory chemicals are often harsh and cause the skin to react violently to the depilation. It takes a considerable chemical strength to render the hair weak; these chemicals actually act upon the disulfide bonds that hold together the physical structure of the hair. The result is simple: the hairs dissolve like ice on hot metal. Care to try depilatory chemicals?

Epilation on the other hand, is the removal of the whole hair. The most common method is plucking the hairs; this usually gives those who try this method the signature “goose bump” skin marks. Through the years, this approach was appropriated by various individuals. Waxing agents were also used to remove large patches of hair with just one pull; the drawback is first time users usually screamed in pain when they try waxing their legs.

Painless and Efficient Choice

A natural way of removing unwanted hairs throughout the body (even in your sensitive spots) is by using Revitol Hair Removal Cream. The Revitol Hair Removal Cream has been formulated specifically for painless hair removal. You simply have to apply the cream and use a clean cloth to wipe away the cream and hairs from the surface of the skin.

Alternatively, you can try Silk'n SensEpil. The Silk'n family of products are clinically proven, FDA cleared and physician recommended devices that use light energy for safe and easy hair removal at home.  The Silk'n family now introduces SensEpil (pronounced sense-appeal), the next generation of long-term hair removal results. The new SensEpil provides additional safety and comfort and with the largest treatment size in the home hair removal market, you can now start treating at home in less time!

Hair Removal for Men