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Understanding hair removal before you make your buying decision. Here you’ll learn about the best hair removal cream on the market. Let’s tell you how to get rid of your unwanted hair painless and effortless at your home. Eventually inhibiting hair from growing back and maintaining hair free skin.


Some men love it when they’re hairy; but apparently, many men don’t. In an age where smoothness and fairness are also considered good qualities in men, hair removal has also become an option for males.


Women may be the most criticized species in the planet; every physical aspect of the woman is studied and judged. Even hair is important for a woman’s physical appearance. Need we say more?


Facial hair can often be the source of discomfort to women. While some men like their beards and mustaches as thick as ever, facial hair has a different effect on women.


Removing body hair can be a real pain, as many people around the world are testament to. Bodily hair can be disturbing especially if you have to deal with special thicker hairs that grow in clumps on random places in the body...


The chest can be troublesome when there’s excessive hair growth there. Some men like it, some don’t. Women don’t like hairy chests (well, at least generally).


When the hair at the back has to go, it has to go. Unfortunately, conventional methods of hair removal are often painful and yes, they’re still temporary. Waxing, probably the most widely used method of hair removal in the West is still painful...


Whether you’re male or female, the leg usually presents the most obvious and unsightly growth of hair. If you like your leg hair, that’s just fine. However, for millions who abhor the curly growths on their limbs, hair removal is their only solution.


Overabundant or dark arm hairs can cause a dip in confidence in many people. Who says you have to suffer in silence? There are several approaches in removing the unwanted hairs on your arms.


For some, the answer to unruly armpit hair is a disposable razor. However, men are generally uncomfortable with the idea of having a disposable razor anywhere near their underarms.


The breast area (or chest area in men) can be very unattractive if there’s a wide swath of hair covering it. This applies most especially to women who wish to wear their plunging necklines and bikinis in style and comfort.

Bikini Area

The bikini area generally is the “crotch area”; but since some hair removal products are not to be used near the genitals themselves, it’s safe to say that the crotch area is region directly on top of the pubic bone.

Pubic Hair

There are many reasons why a man or a woman would want to trim or completely remove their pubic hair. For some, it’s about improving the attractiveness and access to the genital area.

Genital Area

The genital area is the most sensitive part of the body, which is why hair removal in this region is more fickle than it was first believed to be. There should be no confusion here; the upper pubic region is treated separately from the actual genital region.

Revitol Cream

Revitol Hair Removal Cream is an advanced hair inhibiting system that comes in a convenient cream form. It is a 100% natural cream. The Revitol approach to hair removal is painless, effortless and quick acting...

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